Dentures have been used to replace missing teeth for centuries. Modern dentures have come a long way from the appliances used by our forefathers. With advanced technology in restorative dentistry, the dentures we use at Blooming Smiles Dental Studio can restore your smile more naturally and comfortably than ever before. Get back your beautiful smile with complete or partial dentures designed specifically for you.

When you lose teeth, your oral and overall health is compromised, as well as your appearance. Dentures can give you back function that you need for proper speech and nutrition. Your facial muscles are given the support they need for a younger appearance. You can smile confidently again with a complete, beautiful set of teeth that look natural.

Complete dentures are used when you need a full restoration of your smile. When one or both arches need new teeth, a full set of dentures can be created. Conventional dentures are made once all the teeth are removed and the gums have healed. This can take a few weeks for the dentures to be completed and fitted. Immediate dentures are created before your teeth are removed, giving you dentures the same day. Both options can give you back your complete smile with dentures that will last for many years.

Partial Dentures

If you only have some teeth missing, partial dentures can be a viable option for restoration. Partials are removable and fit around your existing teeth. Not only do partial dentures give you back your full smile, they can also help prevent shifting of your existing teeth for better oral health. Other options for replacing a few missing teeth are fixed dental bridges or dental implants; we offer all these restorative solutions at Blooming Smiles Dental Studio.

Are you ready to explore the options for restoring your smile? Contact us today for an appointment and come see us at Blooming Smiles Dental Studio to learn more about our complete and partial denture solutions, as well as dental implants and bridges. Everyone deserves a complete, healthy smile at any age. We have payment and financing options available for your convenience.

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